The Iraqi patient found healing in Mersin City Trainig and Research Hospital.
14 Nisan 2022


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    The Iraqi patient found healing in Mersin City Trainig and Research Hospital.

    Kham Abdullah (66), who had a kyphosis deformity (humpback) on his back after a back surgery 4 years ago in IRAQ, regained his health after an operation at Mersin City Training and Research Hospital. 
Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op. Dr. Anil Taşkesen; said that "Our patient had a kyphosis deformity after a previous back surgery, and such surgeries were being performed successfully in our hospital. Our patient also applied to us under the name of health tourism, and we performed the surgery. The second day after the operation, he stood up and started walking."

    Kham Abdullah, mother of 11 children living in Duhok, Iraq, had herniated disc surgery 4 years ago. After the operation, a kyphosis deformity (humpback) occurred on Abdullah's back. When Abdullah started having difficulty walking, he was brought to Mersin by his family. Mersin City Training and Research Hospital, which plays an important role in health tourism, gave hope to Abdullah. Abdullah, who was hospitalized, regained his health after a 4-hour operation. Abdullah, who has been in pain for 4 years and has difficulty walking, got up in two days and started walking. Abdullah, whose post-operative treatment continues, will return to his country after being discharged a few days later.


    Stating that Mersin City Training and Research Hospital receives patients from many countries of the world, Taşkesen said, “Our hospital wants to provide maximum quality service for health tourism. For this, we do our best with our qualified physician staff.  
    Patients from all over the world visited Mersin City Training and Research Hospital. Due to the pandemic, demand is higher from Middle Eastern countries. Patients come from countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria and Azerbaijan. But patients from many countries, from America to Finland and Norway, return to their countries after being cured in our hospital.
    In 2020, our hospital provided health services to more than 600 patients within the scope of health tourism despite the pandemic.
    Kham Abdullah, who regained her health, also thanked the doctors who performed the surgery and the staff of Mersin City Training and Research Hospital International Health Tourism Unit