We care about our patients as well as their families...
15 Nisan 2022

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    As Mersin City Training and Research Hospital Health Tourism Unit; We combine the most effective treatment with the lowest cost options for patients all over the world, providing our patients with the highest standards of service.
In addition, we are closely interested in the relatives of our patients who come to our hospital to find healing. The health tourism unit staff of our hospital, who learned that it was the birthday of our patient's daughter, organized a small celebration to give our patient morale.

    Intense demands from Kazakhstan to Oncology continue 

    Our hospital continues its success in Health Tourism despite the coronavirus epidemic, with its successful doctors and advanced health services, by following the highest level of health practices reached by modern medicine in the national and international arena.  The Kazakhstani bureaucrat, like many Kazakhstan citizens, expressed his gratitude by saying that he chose our hospital for cancer treatment, where patients receive service in a comfortable and comfortable environment, where the most up-to-date and pioneering treatments are applied globally.

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